A Call to Action!

Join us as we continue our journey to end racism and all forms of bullying on November 17, 2021 with the first national Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day. Students promoting activism together one step at a time. For every donation of $50.00 you’ll receive a free Walk to School Day T-Shirt.

Ruby’s Story

Six year old Ruby Bridges stepped into the history books in 1960 when she integrated William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans becoming a national icon for the civil rights movement. Today her story continues to inspire the next generation of leaders to end racism together one step at a time.

My message is really that racism has no place in the hearts and minds of our children.

-Ruby Bridges

Walk to School Day

“Why isn’t there a day named after Ruby Bridges?”

This initiative started with a question from a group of AAA School Safety Patrollers in South San Francisco. Nearly 60 years later, as they were hearing Ruby’s story for the first time, and learning about her courage and bravery, they thought there should be a day to commemorate the movement she started.

Today, Schools like Martin Elementary and Ruby Bridges Elementary in Alameda, California and Ruby Bridges Elementary in Woodinville, Washington continue to honor Ruby’s legacy in their own way. The latest initiative being The Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day. An annual day of dialogue to commemorate her historic steps. These students will continue the conversation and take part in their own forms of activism to bring an end to racism and all forms of bullying.

Walk to School Day Event Guide

Ruby believes the most important thing is uniting students. That is why this walk to school day is so important. It is a call to action. This day will be a day of dialogue encouraging students to participate in discussions about racism, bullying and youth activism on this day and throughout the school year. What better way to honor Ruby’s legacy. Together one step at a time. We encourage you to download the Event Resource Guide to learn how you and your students can participate.

Racism is a grown up disease, let’s stop using our kids to spread it

-Ruby Bridges

Ruby wants to hear from you!

To connect with the Ruby Bridges Foundation, you can email walktoschoolday@rubybridges.foundation.

Share your experience and see how others are participating #RubyBridgesWalktoSchoolDay