Walk to School Day

Why isn’t there a day named after Ruby Bridges?

Maddie P

This initiative started with a question from a group of AAA School Safety Patrollers from Martin Elementary in South San Francisco. Nearly 60 years later, as they were hearing Ruby’s story for the first time, and learning about her courage and bravery, they thought there should be a day to commemorate the movement she started. These students took their idea to the State Legislature and today the Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day will be recognized
by the state of California on November 14 each year. Like Ruby, they lead the way and set an example for all of us to follow.

Today, Schools like Martin Elementary and Ruby Bridges Elementary in Alameda, California and Ruby Bridges Elementary in Woodinville, Washington continue to honor Ruby’s legacy in their own way. The latest initiative being The Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day. An annual day of dialogue to commemorate her historic steps. These students will continue the conversation and take part in their own forms of activism to bring an end to racism and all forms of bullying.


participants in 2023

"Racism is a grown up disease, let's stop using our kids to spread it." -Ruby Bridges

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Now you can take part in the annual Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day. Join students across the country who are continuing the movement to end racism and unify our communities. Sign up your school, your family or your community group, and pledge your commitment. We can send you free resources to support the steps your taking to bring change.



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